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About The Author

Susan is a Canadian author of young adult fantasy and dystopian fiction. Her debut novel, Seer of Souls was awarded first place for the best young adult mythology of 2016, Chanticleer Reviews, and the grand prize of the Dante Rossetti for best young adult fiction of 2016, Chanticleer Reviews.

  • First place for Best Young Adult Mythology, 2016, Chanticleer Reviews
  • Dante Rossetti grand prize, for Best Young Adult Fiction, 2016, Chanticleer Reviews.
  • Chanticleer Review link

Susan has also contributed articles to Kobo Writing Life and relishes opportunities to speak on the independent author journey.

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Seer of Souls:

Soul Sanctuary:

Susan Faw, truly a mistress of the fantasy genre, uses several characters turn and turn about to show the story from every perspective, and those characters live, breath, see, taste... Every sense is used to draw readers in and hold them. I read it at one sitting, staying up late rather than break off.

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