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Magic suppressed. Magic exiled. Magic murdered.

During the Great Purge, all magic was destroyed and those who could wield it were driven into exile. From that time on, the world of Gaia churned on in relative peace and prosperity.
When the emperor of the central Citadel suddenly dies, his apprentice takes his place. Benevolent and loved, the new emperor is a benign ruler, bridging the age-old conflicts between the provinces. The citadel is a symbolic as well as a physical barrier to maintaining the fragile peace. However, the brazen kidnapping of ten young women shatters the accord, and the councillors of the provinces gather at the Citadel to demand that justice be served. It is a flame dropped into dry tinder. Rife with suspicion and hatred, each province accuses its neighbour of treachery. But the emperor has other plans. He alone knows who is responsible for the kidnapping of the young women, and he has no intention of sharing that knowledge. Where magic is involved, there can only be one conqueror. The fight for ultimate control of magic has begun.
Purchase this thrilling first novel of The Heart of The Citadel today, and strap in for an amazingly magical ride!

My Fans Say It Best:

I have read several books by Susan Faw before and I have to say that this book is my new favorite. I really like how the story immediately starts off with bang. Immediately there is drama and danger. We start off seeing a struggle for power and a fight that ends with the enemy winning.

Serephia, Amazon Reviewer

This book is the opening salvo in what could be an almost epic saga between good and evil, as Ms Faw has said she hopes to have 12 or 13 books in the series. This was a very enlightening and formidable buildup to the upcoming battle or wars between the magic and non-magic realms. Her characters include witches, wizards, djinns and of course dragons. Definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out.

John L, Amazon Reviewer

Susan Faw is a wonderful writer and I'm finding myself grabbing and gobbling up her books as soon as they are published. Heart of Destiny, the first book in a new series by her, is a perfect example of why. Magic, high politics, action, betrayal, a grand scale start of what I can tell will be an epic adventure with great characters (including my fave: the kick-a** heroine) and wonderful writing. I'm already dying to read the next book. Highly recommended.

The Mysterious Amazon Customer, Amazon Reviewer

Susan Faw has a knack of writing a story that immediately grabs the reader and doesn't let them go until it spits you out at the end. I can't wait to find out what happens from here. If you haven't read any of Susan's books, grab this one and jump right in. You won't be sorry!

Raewynn, Amazon Reviewer

Wow, I loved it. Djinn, Dragons and Witches. All three merge together to fight a common foe. I can't wait till the next book comes out. I would recommend this to anyone willing to listen.

Debra Pierce, Amazon Reviewer

The balance has been broken and an evil resides at the heart of the world. A very few are taken to attempt to right the evil. The evil takes a precious resource and twists it to his design.

Alan Lynn, Amazon Reviewer