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Seeking Silence Book Delivery

Reckless. Determined. Obsessed.

Sixteen year old Avalon is a scrappy street kid. Her sister Alexa has never been apart from Avalon-that is until Avalon abandons her to chase after a dangerous gang, who might just be the key to their missing parents.

When clues surface, hinting at the truth behind their disappearance, Avalon packs her rucksack to leave. Panicked, Alexa begs her to stay, but Avalon ignores her plea. Oblivious to personal danger, she races to confront a dangerous adversary-the notorious Firebrand gang.

One thought consumes Avalon. What is the Firebrand gang’s connection to the Gainsborough’s? Meanwhile, the epidemic sweeping their world is exploding with new cases.

Time is running out and Avalon’s family is central to it all.
Dive into the next installment of this gripping dystopian fantasy!