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Orphaned. Alone. Starving. 

The land is dying. As resources dwindle, the population is placed at the mercy of a secretive government, which operates on its own agenda. Critical top-level scientists researching the ecological disaster have gone missing, their disappearance a cold case file that haunts the local constabulary. Desperate for answers, the police captain hatches a plan to recover a critical key to the land’s survival.

What they need is an experienced thief, and they know just the girl. Avalon is not just any burglar; she is an uncommonly good one. Caught in the act of stealing, she is recruited against her wishes to pull off the boldest heist ever: to raid the high security government facilities.

Can one young girl pull off the theft of a lifetime? Failure is not an option, for it will mean starvation for all. 

Weaver of intrigue, builder of worlds,wordsmith and artist, EA Darl is an author of many talents, and with a keen interest in fantasy, science fiction, and the power of a story to transport a reader.

Raised as a dedicated bookworm and firmly committed to the restorative power of a good cup of coffee, EA Darl firmly believes that the best antidote to reality is a story that poses the question, “What if?”

The Silent Lands series steps into a eco-dystopian world where climate change threatens to end human existence, and tells the tales of determined survivors who are faced dealing with impossible odds.

Can one young girl pull off the theft of a lifetime?

Most dystopian books - at least the ones I've read - focus on the world falling apart from war or some external input that tears the fabric of the world apart and spits on it. Darl's precipitating event was ecological, a slow slide into chaos as the food begins to run short. The world ended not with a bang, but with a whimper, leaving everyone with too little to eat and an uncertain future.

Eric Lahti, Amazon Reviewer