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Bone Dragon ARC

A vengeful sorceress with a bone to pick. A forbidden love that could cost the throne. And a magical destiny impossible to avoid.

Arthur Pendragon, heir apparent to the throne of Camelot, approaches his sixteenth birthday with dread. The chains of his heritage, chafe. He wishes nothing more than to be a regular youth, free to seek and pursue the pleasures of young love.

But the object of his affection is a love forbidden by the church, the true power behind the throne of Camelot. With the power to set up future kings and tear them down, Arthur knows that to pursue a love interest with a man will cost him the throne, and possibly his life.

When a mysterious object of magic is stolen from a secure vault in the depths of the armoury, Arthur is tasked with hunting down the thief and stopping the horror of it being unleashed on Camelot. A fleshless dragon, constructed entirely of bone, attacks an outlying village and Arthur is sent by his father, King Uther, to investigate the occurrence.

With the help of a fledgling wizard – a youth no older than himself – and a hand-picked group of knights which includes his love interest, Arthur races against time to stop the sorceress who is determined to see Camelot burn.

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