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Heart of Bastion Book Delivery

A mysterious prisoner, long forgotten. A sly trap is sprung with terrifying consequences. Ancient blood ties of horrifying significance.

Kara, heart bearer of Bastion, returns to Gaia to begin her mission. Aided by her djinn Dragonmerger, Chryso and a feisty dragon named Beryl, she embarks on a journey into the core of the emperor’s dangerous stronghold.

Her mission to bring down the barrier is overshadowed by her mother’s urgent plea to free a man imprisoned within the citadel’s stone walls. It does not take long before Kara is confronted by her brother Jasper, a wizard who has sworn allegiance to the Emperor. Convinced of his loyalty to her family, she places her life in his hands, enlisting his help to free the captive.
Lines blur as loyalties are tested, for the emperor sees all. They are pawns in a larger scheme, orchestrated by Madrid, and their plans are doomed to fail.

Yet hope remains, while hearts are pure, for there is one who has the power to defeat the emperor.

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