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"Wow, this series just keeps on getting ever more fascinating and gripping as that bastard Emperor Madrid keeps his wizards enslaved to him and doing his dirty work!"

Lana Turner

A bewitching troll queen. A wizard with no memory. A mysterious gateway to hidden realms.

The Wildmen of Wydra cross the spine of the world and enter the realm of the Klippe Av Nattmara, the invasion triggering the elusive Huldras to brutally defend their home.

The Fjordian rebels gather their scattered members into a newly formed army. Trapped between the advancing invaders, and their sworn mission of freeing of their people from the cruel grip of the emperor, the rebels are one step away from slaughter.

Dropped into this expanding warzone is Heartbearer Beatrix and triad-bond mates Goshen and Zircon, who’s mission it is, to destroy the barrier node buried deep under Emperor Madrid’s main factory.

The all-seeing emperor lays a clever trap for his sworn enemy, the witch.
Will Beatrix discover Madrid’s plan in time? Or is she fated to sacrifice her life to the greater good?

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion.

Download now to embark on a gripping, magic-filled adventure.

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