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A deranged dragon bent on revenge. A band of children with a taste for steel. And dark magic served with underworld connections.

The plantations of the province of Tunise, famed for their fertile soils and temperate climate, are as idyllic a place to live as can be found in Gaia. But the ascent of the Emperor has changed all of that. One by one, the farms have fallen to the Citadel, and the production of food is severely controlled by a cartel of merchants that answer only to the Emperor.

The Emperor’s eye has settled on the family of the Heartbearer of Tunise, Parisa. Past failures and future plans have given the emperor a burning desire for revenge. Emperor Madrid will make Parisa pay for her rebellion against his rule, a sharp reminder that resistance to his will is futile and often deadly.

When the Citadel armies descend the flames rise, as Tunise is put to the torch, including the beloved Oakwood forest, makeshift home of the child refugees of the salt mines of Shadra. Led by Chutzpa, the fruit farmer who aided Heartbearer Shikoba in her quest, he joins forces with Parisa to break the Citadel’s hold on her home province.

Madrid has his eye on two very specific prizes and he will do anything to procure them.

Even if it means a visit to the underworld.

Heart of Tunise
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