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The rise of gang warfare. A deadly encounter. Dreams shattered.

Mitch has big plans and high hopes. A star football linebacker, Mitch has the confidence and the strength to tackle the world after graduation, but the city is in serious trouble. The economy is dying, the environment is suffering, and people are abandoning the once prosperous town.

Crime is on the rise and now, the government is building a top-secret facility on the edge of town. What does it all mean? Young Mitch wants nothing more than to escape his rising hopelessness and dead-end opportunities. But catastrophic losses, betrayals and a heartbreaking tragedy strike him hard, threatening to end his plans, and his future.

Mitch has two choices: abandon the desperate, dying city, or take a stand and make a difference in the only home he has ever known. The world is fraying on the sharp edge of terrifying change.

Dive into Mitch’s story, a prequel in this gripping dystopian fantasy!