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This is a short story about Helga’s fall. Set prior to the events of Soul Survivor, it follows Helga’s slide into madness.

Helga, goddess of the underworld, is one bad ass lady. But she wasn’t always so. Love, hatred, jealousy and a taste for evil plague Helga’s soul. It is a slow spiral into madness that turns this teenage godling against her friends and family.

Download this fascinating look into the birth of a villain, and sample the beginnings of the award winning The Spirit Shield Saga.

Books in this series:

Soul Survivor
Seer of Souls (2016 Dante Rossetti Grand Prize Winner, Chanticleer Reviews)
Soul Sanctuary (2017 Dante Rossetti First In Category winner, Chanticleer Reviews)
Soul Sacrifice (2018 Dante Rossetti slush pile survivor – awards ceremony pending in 2019)

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