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Library Service

Or, How To Get My Paperback Books Into Your Hands!

In my opinion, libraries are one of the most important structures in our society because they hold up more than a physical roof. They hold up culture and experience, knowledge and freedom. Every book worth reading should be in a library. I love libraries and spent a lot of time in them as a kid. It’s still my go to place when I need a quiet place to relax.

So I want to thank you for volunteering to help me with this push to place The Spirit Shield Saga in the libraries of the world. I believe in my words. I believe they belong to be there. I think you do, too, and for that I am grateful and humbled.

To be truthful, I have attempted to donate books to my local library, but what I didn’t realize is that librarians need specific information to place those books on the shelves. I didn’t know that, and so those books I donated never made it to the shelves and into readers hands.

I intend to change that, and it all begins with you! You will be the active ingredient that helps the librarian understand how the series can be good for their library and how readers will react to the series. Tell the librarians why you love the books, what they mean to you and how they changed your life. Tell them what your favourite part was and what excited you about the series. Your testimonial means so much, because librarians love books, too!

To aid with the book placement to your specific libraries, I need to know the following about you:

  • Your postal or zip code in the community where you live (we will find the closest library from this information) 
  • Your first name
  • Optional email address.

Once we have this information we’ll email you the form. You can either go online to “suggest an item” from the library or take the form to the library so they can order the book. We’d like to coordinate our email, to go out to your librarian around the time that you would be available to go by and visit the library.

So, don’t be shy. Fill out the form. Let’s get this show on the road to a library near you! And before you go, DOWNLOAD THIS LIBRARY REQUEST FORM. You can print it and take it along with you, to your librarian. Chocked full of useful information, you can relax and have an exciting conversation about why this series is PERFECT FOR YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY!


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